Use a Laser Scanner or your Phone’s Camera

IDS Barcode Scan App on a Zebra PhoneBeing able to scan a location or a shipment barcode is a must when shipping valuable goods.  Our driver app has over 14 years experience ensuring lottery tickets, tobacco products, medical and pharmaceutical shipments are delivered safely.

Plus our barcode scanning app has the ability to scan 3rd Party Barcodes. So if your customers want you to use their barcodes, that is not a problem.

In addition, if you have a unique need, please visit our pages on Reverse Logistics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Deliveries and Cross Docking. Or simply Contact Us with your question.

Laser Barcode Scanning

Using our app with a laser scanner is perfect for high volume scanning or dark and poorly lit locations.

IDS has clients using the Zebra TC-55, Tc-56 and the TC-75.

Camera Barcode Scanning

Our barcode scanning app with a modern mobile phone’s camera will allow you to scan barcodes in well lit locations or for your low volume scanning needs.

IDS recommends a mobile phone with a good camera and a fast processor. If you are going to be doing a high volume of scanning, we recommend you use a mobile device with a laser barcode scanner.

Printing Barcodes

IDS can generate barcodes that your staff and your customers can use or you can use 3rd Party barcodes supplied by your customers. test