Full Dispatch Software

From Call Taking, to Dispatching to Accounts Receivable

IDS full dispatch softwareCloud based with everything you need.

IDS’s Full Dispatch Software has everything you need. From Call Taking to Dispatching to a full Accounts Receivable module.

We can even connect our system to Sage, Quickbooks and Great Plains.

Call Taking

Our Call Taking Screen is made for speed.

Your call takers will not have to waste their time always reaching for the mouse. That’s because they can use hot keys to quickly navigate to sections and to fields.

Also with a tap of a key, they can quickly clone an existing shipment or create a new return shipment.

Finally, your staff can create custom defaults addresses, service levels, package types, pieces, weights and so much more. That means, they don’t have to waste their time re-entering in the routine.

Shipping Portal

Why have your customers call in to enter in their shipments. Or even track a shipment. Most of your clients expect to be able to go online to do both.

That’s why IDS offers 2 solutions. One is your standard browser based Shipping Tool that can be embedded into your website.

The other is for your power users who need more than what a web site can offer. For those high volume clients, IDS offers a PC Client called IDS Shipping Portal. The extra power provided by this software means they can generate their reports, quickly update their shipments and add new users.

Dispatching for Dispatchers.

Every dispatch has their own way. That’s why IDS’s Dispatching and Drivers Boards are customizable.¬† Let them have the software that works for how they do business.

Another great feature is our Dispatch and Drivers boards are clear, clean and without clutter. No longer do you have 1 screen that tries to do everything including giving you a headache.

Combined these screens with IDS’s driver app and your dispatches will know everything they need to know. From when a shipment has been received on a driver’s device, to when the driver read the shipment’s details to the GPS coordinates of their fleet.

Accounts Receivable

Our Full Dispatch Software has everything from automatic pricing to a General Ledger and everything in between.

Our Rate Wizard is very powerful. Being in this industry for so long, we know everyone has their own rate structure. That’s why our rate wizard can go beyond the basic zone to zone or per 100 pricing. Its so powerful, you can even have rates based on a mathematical formula.

Finally, you can save money and postage by creating bulk invoice runs that automatically email invoices directly to your customers