We willing connect your existing solution with IDS

interface driver appInterface our Driver App to your System

Are you looking for a powerful app for barcoding, chain of custody and signature capture? But you don’t need or want to change your current software?

Are you feeling that the only way forward is to building a custom driver app? But you dont have the time and you dont want to spend the money?

Well, not too worry. IDS will connect our Delivery App and Cloudbased Servers to your existing dispatch software.

IDS is currently connected to clients running SAP, ERP and/or custom built software.

We have clients running some of our competitors software such as Red Prairie, Degama, CLI and UFOS and are connected to our driver app.

IDS can interface using our modern 2 way web services portal. Or we can import and export CSV and other text type files via a SFTP or a FTP connection.

Data can include all of a shipment’s finite data include driver/route code, Time of Pick Up, Time of Delivery, Proof of Pick Up (POP), Proof of Delivery (POD), Signatures and more.