Know What's Inside a Package

IDS lets you track your inventory as it moves through the final mile space. Using a product's UPC barcode you can audit the contents of packages, ensure the right product is delivered and even create shipments in the field.

Mobile App Inventory Tracking

Finalize, Audit and Create… All in One Solution


Finalize a delivery or pick up by scanning the UPC barcodes of a shipment's contents. Reducing the time spent fixing incorrect deliveries or product returns


At anytime point along your logistics chain, you can audit the contents of your shipments by scanning its products. Control mistakes before they cost you.

Create Shipments in the Field

Your drivers can create shipments in the field, including capturing the detail of the contents of those shipments. Perfect for picking up returns.

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PC Software Inventory Tracking

Build, Edit and Track your Inventory

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Product Inventory

Create, edit and manage your Products and their UPC barcodes

Drill Down

Dispatchers and office staff can quickly drill down to see a shipment's inventory

Advanced Shipment

Mass create groups of shipments with products and their UPC barcodes. Perfect for DSD and Return Shipments.

Warehouse Verification Scan

Quickly Verify a Shipment’s Contents


Finalize the contents of a shipment by scanning its products


For speed and efficiency, connect IDS Mobile to your warehouse scanning stations


As your shipments arrive into your warehouse, simply scan them to track your products and inventory

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