Medical and Pharmaceutical Delivery

Our Driver App completes millions of Medical Deliveries each year.

medical delivery signature captureHigh Signature Capture Rate

Our delivery app for drivers is used by some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical supply companies in the world. Why? because:

– Drivers find our app easy to use.
– Our driver app works even when the phone has lost its mobile data connection.

Which means our customers have a very high signature capture rate.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Delivery Barcodes

Medical Delivery Barcode

For CVS and OmniCare delivery companies, our driver app can translate their barcodes into a new shipment. So if there is an overage, IDS just creates the shipment. Please visit our Barcode Scan App page for more information.

interface to medical suppliers

Interfaced to Your Customers

Interfacing is key to medical deliveries. Our servers are connected by sFTP and Web Services to some of the largest medical supply companies. That means, we can import ASN (Advanced Shipping Notices) into your system. Then we we can export signature image files, OS&D files and delivery notification back to your customer.

This means, we can import your deliveries from your customer. Then within minutes of a delivery, we can provide your customer with an electronic delivery notification, a proof of delivery and a signature file.

medical reverse logistics and return deliveries

Reverse Logistics

Tracking medical deliveries also means tracking returned or refused items back to your customer’s location. Unfortunately, your delivery drivers may not know there is a return shipment until they arrive on location. Not to worry, our driver app can create new shipments in the field to help ensure your returns are properly tracked. For more information, please visit our Reverse Logistics page.