Chain of Custody

Final Mile & Delivery Software

Chain of Custody means knowing who has what, when and where. It is a chronological documentation of all parties that come in to contact with an item, and a history of all transactions.

Chain of Custody Signature Capture App

IDS is more than just Proof of Delivery

Our complete software solution provides more than just a POD.

That is to say, IDS provides a complete Chain of Custody Software solution for the Final Mile. Which includes:

  1. Location Verification using either a location barcode and/or GPS coordinates.
  2. Proof of Pick up including name and signature.
  3. Claim scanning with a signature. This is perfect for tracking shipments as they move through your Cross Dock and Line Haul.
  4. Proof of Delivery including name and signature.
  5. We even secure Returns and Reverse Logistics. 

Location Verification for Pick Up and Delivery

Auditing a Shipment

Sometimes securing shipments means auditing the inventory items within a shipment or a package. That’s why IDS provides you with the ability to open a shipment and scan the content’s UPC barcodes. Additionally, each audit captures the name and signature of the employee who completed the scan.


Last Mile and Distribution Delivery System

Interface to your Warehousing System

Did you know IDS can interface with your warehousing software? As a result, we can import your shipment data and then seamless update your system with any Chain of Custody details.

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