Reverse Logistics

For Medical Delivery, Lottery Ticket Delivery, Tobacco Delivery and Direct to Store Delivery

reverse logistics shipping

What is Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is the movement of goods from their traditional destination back to the distributor or manufacturer.

It is the shipment of surplus, recalled or damaged items from the customer back to the distributor or manufacturer

Picking Up Returned Items

Our driver app provides you with two options for picking up returned items in your reverse logistics chain.

Our existing customers use a combination of both options, depending on their client’s needs.

Advanced Shipping Notice

The first option is IDS can receive Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) via SFTP or webservices for each return shipment.

The ASN can list each product name, their associated SKU and the number of pieces to be picked up.

Or the ASN can simply contain the number of shipping containers to be picked up and their associated barcodes.

IDS can automatically dispatch each reverse logistics shipment to their associated routes or they can be manually dispatched.

There are two ways to ensure each return shipment is picked up:
– One is the driver scans a pick up location barcode and each product’s SKU.
– The other way is they scan each shipping containers barcode.

Or the drivers simply mark the shipment as picked up on the IDS driver app.

Finally, the driver can capture a Proof of Pick Up (POP) and a Pick Up Signature.

Signature image captured for reverse logisticsDriver Created Return Shipments

The second option is our driver app can create new shipments in the field. This is the perfect solution for Reverse Logistics without an ASN.

Why would you do this?

– Sometimes your customers want your drivers to ask, at the point of delivery, if there is anything to be “returned”.
– Your customer doesn’t wish spend their time entering in their returns into a shipping or logistics system.
– Its not known exactly what is being “returned”.

Our app can help you with all of the above reverse logistic pick up scenarios.

The IDS driver app creates new shipments which lists each product type, their SKUs and their piece count.
The driver can then place the items inside a sealed shipping container (tote, satchel, box, etc) with a traceable barcode.

If needed, you can limit the pick up to certain products types, a maximum number of defined product types or a total count of all product types.

If the above is more than you need, drivers can simply create a shipment by affixing a barcode onto a shipping container (tote, box, etc) and not accounting for the contents.

Both options allow you to capture a Proof of Pick Up and a Pick Up Signature.

Tracing Reverse Logistics

With your shipments inside IDS, both you and your customers will have full and transparent tracking and tracing abilities. That means, you will always know exactly where each and every shipment is in your reverse logistics chain.

Cross Dock and Audit

Use our Cross Dock feature to properly sort your return shipments. This will mean your shipments will arrive back to the right customer’s distribution center.

Our audit feature will allow you to scan a shipping container’s barcode to know what should be inside. Then simply scan the contents SKU to audit.

Electronic Receipt or eBOL

When the return items are picked up, IDS can generate a custom PDF document listing each item. We can then email this PDF to the pick up location’s account, your customer’s accounting department and/or your warehouse staff.

Interface to Accounting and Warehousing

Our system can update your accounting and warehousing solutions when a reverse logistics shipment has been updated. Our interface can provide the pick up account name and address, the full product listing, each SKU and a piece count.