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5G – The Hype and the Reality

Whether it’s the concern of foreign governments having access to our wireless networks or autonomous cars driving around our cities, the term “5G” keeps popping up in the media. In this article, I will explain what is 5G, it’s hype and it’s reality.

Notes from a Yellow Badge

Even though IDS has been part of the Courier, Delivery and Logistics Industry for 13+ years, we never joined the CLDA nor attended it’s annual conference.

R.I.P. Windows 7

Did you know that on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will drop all support for Windows 7.

How do Barcodes Work

You think you know, but really, do you?

This is the first in series of articles about Barcodes, how they work, innovative ways they are being used and what is next.

The Problem with the iPhone

For the last 11 years iPhone’s business model and Apple’s Stock Value has been stellar. But there is a flaw in the core of Apple’s business model.

Innovated Ways to Pick-Up a Return

In this article I will discuss the innovative ways Returns are being picked up to help reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and provide superior documentation