Inventory Scanning

Mobile App Inventory Tracking

With IDS's Inventory Scan feature you can finalize, audit and create your shipments. 


Most importantly finalizing a shipment by scanning the UPC barcodes is easy.  Truly reducing your time fixing incorrect deliveries or product returns.


Best of all, at anytime point along your logistics chain, you can audit the contents of your shipments. This will allow you to control mistakes.

Create Shipments in the Field

Similarly your drivers can create shipments in the field. After that your drivers can capture the detail of the contents of those shipments. For that reason this is perfect for picking up returns.

Driver App scanning inventory

Product Pick Up & Delivery

Inventory scanning of products during a Pick Up and a Delivery.


PC Software Inventory Tracking

With IDS Core you can build, edit and track your Inventory.

Dispatch screen showing inventory of a shipment

Product Inventory

Additionally with IDS you can create, edit and manage your Products using their UPC barcodes.

Drill Down

Furthermore, your dispatchers can quickly drill down to see a shipment's inventory.

Advanced Shipment

Better yet, create groups of shipments with products and their UPC barcodes. Perfect for Last Mile and Return Shipments.

Managing a Shipments Inventory

Another key point is managing your inventory is easy.


Warehouse Verification Scan

Using IDS you can quickly verify a shipment’s contents


First by using IDS in your warehouse, you can finalize the contents of a shipment by scanning its products.


Better yet, you can connect IDS Mobile to your warehouse scanning stations for speed and efficiency.


Lastly, as your shipments arrive into your warehouse, simply scan them to track your products and inventory

warehouse scan to verify shipments inventory

Warehouse Verification Scan

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy inventory scanning can be completed in your warehouse.


imports, exports and api delivery software

Import of Shipment Inventory

What's most important is getting your inventory of shipments into IDS. A simple option is simply import the information.

Because everyone has their own unique way of doing business, importing and connecting systems is never completed the same way twice.

From simple importing of shipment data using IDS Core PC Client, to CSV files via SFTP or ASN files. And even complex EDI files, we will work with you to import your data as needed.

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