GPS Driver Tracking

Driver Tracking Solution

IDS has been providing GPS driver tracking since 2006. That's before the iPhone or Android existed! This means IDS has over 15+ years of real world experience. 

GPS Driver Tracking

Track Drivers

Not only does IDS Mobile allow your drivers to update shipments, but it also provides Driver GPS Tracking.

This ensures your dispatchers have full visibility of their fleets. That means your shipments are assigned to the right driver. 

GPS Driver History

GPS History

Since IDS Core is hosted, your GPS history will always be available. Which means you will be able to go back in time. That's perfect for those times when you need answers. 

Also, adding IDS Route to your set up means you can easily compare your optimized routes to what was actually driven. 

real time GPS Tracking

Real Time Tracking

With IDS you have the power to control how often GPS coordinates are sent back from your driver's mobile devices.  That means you can balance battery life with GPS pings. 

shipment GPS tracking

Shipment Tracking

As an option, you can let your customers see where their shipments are currently located. As a result you can give your customers the visibility they want.  


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