Warehouse Scan

Warehouse Scanning

IDS Mobile ensures the Right Shipment is put on the Right Vehicle.

Barcode Scanning

Efficient & Fast

Warehouse scanning needs to be fast. That’s why IDS Mobile will keep up with your staff.

Plus our app will catch missorts before they become a headache and a customer services issue.

Best of all, you can combine our cross docking feature with some of our other modules such as reverse logistics and our barcode scanning app.

warehouse arrival scan

Arrival Scan

When shipments arrive they are quickly scanned by our app into the cross docking facility.

This will update each shipment’s tracking and tracing file. Letting you and your customers know the shipments are being sorted.

Above all, this will let you know what shipments are currently in your facility.

Dispatch Shipment

Sorting Scan

Once shipments have arrived, they sorted and scanned into their next shipping container (cage, vehicle, route, etc).

Since each shipping container is assigned a destination zone(s), that means, if a shipment is going to a different destination the IDS App notifies the cross docking staff. Stopping them from making a missort.

With each successful sorting scan shipments have their tracking and tracing files updated. This will allow you to create shipping manifests for each container. It will also let you and your customers know the shipment has been successfully sorted.

warehouse departure scan

Departure Scan

Shipping containers will be scanned after they have been successfully cross docked and are leaving the facility.

This will mean, all the shipments’ tracking and tracing files that are within the shipping container will be updated. This will allow you to see what shipments have left your cross docking facility. Similarly, this will let your customers know their shipments are on route.

A final option is the departure scan will show your next cross docking facility or the final delivery location what shipments are on the way to their location.

Chain of Custody Warehouse Scan Software

Chain of Custody

If you are cross docking shipments of value, such a medical supply deliveries, you may need proper chain of custody.

Our app can capture multiple signatures and names. This means you can capture more than a shipper’s or receiver’s name and signature. For instance you can capture a name and a signature for each leg of the journey.

Plus each name and signature is time stamped and can be geo-coded.

Optimized Route Shipments

Route Optimization

Last Mile and Reverse Logistics needs route optimization. With this in mind you can plugin IDS Route into IDS Core. That means you can have Warehouse Scanning and Route Optimization in one system.

For more information, please visit IDS Route. 

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