Software for Your Customers

Shipping Portal gives your Customers the Visibility they Need

shipping portal trip entryFor your Customers

IDS’s Shipping Portal is installed by your customers on their computers so that they can:

– Create new shipments.
– Search through their deliver history.
– View captured Signatures at Delivery.
– See their Proof of Deliveries.
– Create Pick Up Manifests.
– Create more users. More users, means more shipments for you.
– Manage their addresses book

Shipments created by your customers will show up in both of our Dispatch Software solutions.

shipping portal's search screenDelivery Search

The Shipping Portal’s Search Screen is easy to use and powerful.

Your customers can search through their history quickly and easily.  This will allow them to view a shipment’s tracking page.

They can also view their delivery signatures or proof of delivery.

All of the above means, your customers will not use your staff’s precious time to find their shipments’ delivery details.

As an option, you can allow your customer to edit their shipments before they are dispatched.

shipping portal's reportsmany more features….

There are so many other features in our Shipping Portal, including:

– allowing your customer to create and manage their own users.
– customers can create Pick Up Manifests with a few quick clicks.
– addresses can by created, edited and deleted.
– and so much more

Also works with IDS Dispatch, our simple Dispatch Software solution.