Install IDS 2 App

please read carefully

IDS App 2 will work with both IDS 1 and IDS 2 PC Clients. You dont have to convert all your drivers to IDS App 2 to use this app. IDS App 1 will continue to be supported for the time being. However, no new customization or upgrades will be made to IDS App 1.

To install IDS 2 Android onto your phone, please do the following:

  • On the phone that you wish to install the IDS App 2 onto, click on this link: IDS 2 App click here to download.
  • If your device displays a pop up saying you didn’t purchase this app on Google Play, then follow the instructions on your phone to allow installing apps from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Some phones will ask you to download and install the app a second time, if you had to change your phone’s settings for “Unknown Sources.”

Online Manual for IDS App 2

You will find articles on how to use the IDS 2 App in IDS’s Online Wiki (in your IDS PC Client, go to the help dropdown, then select IDS Wiki), or by clicking here.

Customized Version of IDS 2 App.

The following apps will only work for clients who have the correct login credentials for the IDS App 2.  IDS will not support the use of the following customized apps by any company not named below.

Custom for Priority:

Custom for Metro:

Custom for Danfoss: